Audience Monetization (AM101)
Audience Monetization
Audience Monetization (AM101)
The Phunware audience monetization gives publishers the ability to maximize revenue through mobile in-app advertising and innovative mobile experiences.
Analytics (ANA101)
Analytics (ANA101)
Phunware’s analytics module empowers you to make smarter, data-driven decisions by giving you insight into how users interact with your mobile application. Understand your audience at a deep level so you can engage and monetize more strategically.
Content Management (CME101)
Content Management
Content Management (CME101)
Phunware’s content management module allows you to spend time building your brand instead of unnecessary mobile infrastructure. Create, manage and publish content and configuration for your Phunware application easily through our user-friendly...
Knowledge Graph (KG001)
Knowledge Graph
Knowledge Graph (KG001)
Phunware Knowledge Graph is a powerful, modern data platform that provides intelligence to engage, manage and monetize users on mobile. Phunware Knowledge Graph connects, organizes and normalizes consumer data that are superior for high...
Location-Based Services (LBS101)
Location-Based Services
Location-Based Services (LBS101)
Phunware’s location-based services module offers a comprehensive set of tools which enables brands to use their consumer’s location to light up on-premise experiences and provide memorable engagement during their visit. Use the location-based...
Locate (LBS202)
Location-Based Services (Level 2)
Locate (LBS202)
Phunware’s Locate fingerprinting app enables BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) driven blue dot by registering signals from a venue’s beacons. This allows an app to determine its current position based on the strength of the various signals it hears,...
Mobile Engagement (ME101)
Mobile Engagement
Mobile Engagement (ME101)
Phunware’s mobile engagement module helps brands deliver relevant and targeted messaging to their customers to engage them before, during and after their visits to the brand’s physical places of business. Use the mobile engagement module to...

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